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With 35 years of experience we put the best products and services to work for our clients; and throughout those years we have seen our share of cyber-threats. Let us protect you.

Every day, Cyber-crime is becoming more rampant. Whether it be Malware, Spyware or a Virus, chances are they are trying to hit your finances. There are many ways to gain access to a computer on a local network if it does not have proper security and firewalls set. Unfortunately the developers of “Ransomware” type viruses and spyware are creating ways to get through Firewalls everyday, and this usually stems from User manual allowance within unrestricted sites. 

Netcare Anti-Virus

Top industry solution!

Our Anti-virus Program Bundle is comprised of the software that is the leading industry standard. You cannot get a more sophisticated, and secure Anti-virus for your business.

Crypto Protection

Stop Ransomware and Crypto-Viruses dead in their tracks. If your system is about to compromised, our Anti-virus will eliminate the threat before it can do any serious damage to critical files. Our Anti-virus is updated constantly and is always checking every application and code running on your system for this purpose.

Managed for the Customer

Not only does our Anti-Virus bundle have low overhead, minimal impact on productivity/performance on your systems, we manage it all from our headquarters. There is no need to check for updates, or change settings for live scanning. We are notified of all situations and manage them live.



Unified Threat Management

Unified Threat Management (UTM) is a term used to describe the consolidation of several security features into one device, protecting against multiple threat types. The advantage of UTM is streamlined installation and management of these multiple security capabilities.

Sophos UTM SG series

A Top Rated UTM appliance, eliminates the threat before it enters your network. Sophos, a longtime leader in threat protection, has the technology and support to provide the best in UTM devices.  Let us install and configure the Sophos UTM to help you meet your demands for greater security, controlling WEB usage and more.

Antispam Filtering

E-mail spam consists of unwanted e-mail messages, usually sent by commercial, malicious, or fraudulent entities. The antispam feature examines transmitted e-mail messages to identify e-mail spam.

Content and Web Filtering

Content filtering blocks or permits certain types of traffic based on the MIME type, file extension, protocol command, and embedded object type. Content filtering does not require a separate license. Web filtering lets you manage Internet usage by preventing access to inappropriate Web content. Block Web sites, block WEB redirection,


A virus is executable code that infects or attaches itself to other executable code to reproduce itself. Some malicious viruses erase files or lock up systems. Other viruses merely infect files and overwhelm the target host or network with bogus data.


Call us for more information on our Netcare Services. Protection can seem like an unnecessary budget cost until your company get’s hit by cyber threats. Don’t be vulnerable, call us today!