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The key to a productive environment is a stable environment.

Managed Services is the answer!

Employees need to have confidence in the resources they have access to.   Internet outages, server crashes, and email problems are not just frustrating, they can bring your workforce to a screeching halt. Every IT outage will cause a major interruption in work flow, reducing revenue and increasing production costs.


The Solution by Coastal Computers As your IT Managed Services Provider, our goal is two-fold: we keep your systems up while keeping your IT budget down. For one flat monthly rate, we monitor and maintain your entire network to ensure it keeps running at peak performance. We monitor your network looking for anything that can indicate a problem. At the first sign of trouble, our Top Rated industry tools report and offer remediation. In most cases, this quick response to impending problems is just what is needed to prevent a disaster. In some cases, not all problems can be fixed remotely. Parts may need to be replaced, or just that on-site presence can really make a difference. That’s where your local support with Coastal Computers and its team of experts can help.


Maintaining a safe hassle free computer network & environment can seem costly, to a degree. With out the proper measures, you will always be vulnerable to something. If you allow us, we will find cost effective ways to remedy those gaps.

Maintenance plan benefits

In order to keep your network systems and workstations running smoothly, it’s essential to keep your software and firmware updated. New digital threats are created every day. They are designed to exploit gaps in software programming to gain access to your system and your data. Software companies do provide effective patches to fix these security breaches, but these patches only work if they’re installed quickly and correctly.

Coastal Computers Proactive IT

Managed Services Proactive network monitoring, maintenance, and management Automated monitoring alerts and event notification Desktop and user support Network security and risk management Centralized anti-virus, spam, and malware management Scheduled maintenance and patch management Data backups for disaster recovery and business continuity Network performance and bandwidth monitoring Hardware and software asset inventory and management Remote and onsite support capabilities Benefits of Managed Services Allows you to focus on your business goals Multiple pricing plans

Is your current IT provider just not cutting it? Do you feel like they leave you hanging, or aren’t up front with you? Contact us!